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Needs List

Donations are deductible in compliance with IRS guidelines.

*Sponsor a Day for $225.00 in honor or memory of someone or choose your own special day.

Please note that we cannot take used clothing or household items due to shortage of storage space.  We also cannot accept food items that are past their expiration date due to state regulations.

*Cash Donations

*Grocery Store Gift Certificates

*Paper Towels
*Paper Plates
*Quart & Snack size Freezer Bags

*Multi Purpose Spray Cleaner
*Room Freshener Spray
*Lysol Spray Disinfectant

* New Bed Pillows
*Laundry Baskets
*Plastic Clothes Hangers
*Body Wash & Lotion
*Shampoo & Conditioner
*Hair Brushes
*Baby Wipe


*Coffee - Regular
*Coffee Creamer

*Kool-Aid Drink Mix


*Ranch Dressing
*French Dressing
*Italian Dressing
*Cereal (kids & adults)

Crisco Shortening
Miracle Whip

*Fruit Cocktail
*Canned Pears
*Canned Peaches

*Spices, thyme, oregano, cumin, garlic

*Lunch meat
*Beef Roasts
*Pork Chops
*Pork Roasts

*  Needed items
*  Most needed items

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