Needs List

Donations are deductible in compliance with IRS guidelines.

*Sponsor a Day for $225.00 in honor or memory of someone or choose your own special day.

*Cash Donations

*Grocery Store Gift Certificates

*30 Gal. Trash Bags
*13 Gal. Trash Bags
*Dishwasher Detergent 
*Paper Plates
*Gallon size Freezer Bags

*Shower Cleaner
*Sink Cleaner
*Multi Purpose Spray Cleaner

*Room Freshener Spray
Disinfectant Spray

* New Bed Pillows
*Laundry Baskets

*Coffee - Regular 
*Coffee Creamer
*Tea bags for Iced Tea


Body Wash & Lotion
Hair Brushes
Baby Wipes

*Ranch Dressing
*French Dressing

Crisco Shortening
Miracle Whip
*Wide Egg Noodles
*Lasagna Noodles
*Cereal (kids & adults)

Fruit Cocktail
Vegetable Oil
Fresh fruit
Butter or Margarine
Shredded Cheese
American Cheese Slices
*Beef Roasts
*Pork Chops
*Pork Roasts

* Most needed items
* Very most needed items

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